What is it with golf and the bird terminology? Birdy, eagle and albitross…or, “crap, I flew the green” or “wow it’s nested in that fescue deep”. 

As it is rare for me to get a bird when golfing, say one every 5 or 6 games; and I’ve only had two eagles in my life, both of those were utter flukes…and thanks to a bladed shot, several drinks and paved golf cart path in South Carolina, a fortuitous hop-skip-and-a-jump, on a short, downhill par 4, I was about 4 feet from an albitross.

So, I try to focus on birds that are less rare. Last week I saw a beautiful Blackburnian Warbler in an apple tree at the turn on number 5 at Western Trent. Made my day! I watched it pluck a green caterpillar off of a leaf and enjoyed that it hopped within about a meter from me so that I could clearly see it’s orange feathers. Wow!

My revery broke when someone said, “did ya find yer ball?”. Oh ya were golfing…no wonder I get so few birdies.

By Paul D. Bell, 
Amatuer Ornathologist.


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