If you are re-plumb bobbing your own sad version of an Ernie Ells 7-putt, and your embarrassed friends are already waiting at the next tee.   And should you turn back to the tee deck behind you and spot (see below) four guys with one fist on their hip and the other holding their drivers like walking sticks then, yes “pick it up!”. You’re playing too slow!

Here are some helpful hints that you may be playing too slow:
#1. You’re in front of me!
#2. You’re on a 608 yard, par 5 and your just waiting for them to clear the green…then you’re playing too slow!
#3. Before taking your approach shot, you order a brandy alexander mocachino with sprinkles and extra foam from the drinks cart, then decide to change your sweater, grab about 4 or five clubs, then walk over to your ball, only to realize that’s it not your ball…then you’re playing too slow!
#4. If you are reading this blog on your cell phone during a game…then you’re playing too slow!
And lastly, #5. If you think you’re that good that you need 7 or 8 practice swings before each shot…you’re not and you’re playing too slow! Sorry Greg.

By Paul D. Bell, 
Flâneur & Idler


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