Meet Michael - Assistant Superintendent

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Hi there, my name is Michael Hall, and I will be the assistant superintendent at Western Trent Golf Club. For those who don’t know me, a little bit about myself and what I offer at Western Trent. I have had the privilege of being employed at Western Trent Golf Club for the past 7 years now.

Having very much enjoyed my time working in the turf maintenance department, I decided to enrol in the Turf Managers short course offered by the University of Guelph. Upon completion of the short course in March of 2019, I was invited to Victoria Golf Club for a month long internship in Oak Bay, British Columbia. The knowledge I obtained from these two experiences is indescribable, but plan on using this new found knowledge in everyday practices at Western Trent!

Also as part of my responsibility, and with the assistance of the staff and management at Western Trent, I will be actively providing updates about anything and everything going on at the club throughout the season.

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